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Robbie Williams? Robin Williams? Robbing Millions? Well, what's in a name?
Fact is that the dreamy, pshychedelic sounds, syncopated rythms, angular guitars and breezy lofi synths could not take you further away from the former Take That bad boy's cheesy brand of pop. They do, however, share a sense of weird humour and nervous ticks that might click with the former Hollywood A-lister, although the one that starred in Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King as opposed to the caramel-tears crying Patch Adams clown.

On the selfreleased 6 track debut EP "˜Ages & Sun' The Brussels based 5-piece digs deep into pop history and comes out with a fresh and clever sound.
Robbing Millions winks to innovators as Can and Robert Wyatt, but also share a love for the fuzzy slacker pop of Pavement, the shinny synth-skate gems of Grandaddy and the psychedelic popbrilliance of The Flaming Lips. There's something very visual about RM's songs. Imagine Beck soundtracking a Monthy Python inspired Looney Tunes episode without being laugh-out-loud funny.

There's catchy Dragon Ball Z-inspired hide & seek pop ("˜Tenshinah'), stargazing jazz guitars ("˜Ages & Sun'), a "how to fit progrock in a 2min popsong" workshop ("˜Cellophane') and screeching guitarsolo's slicing through playfull synths ("˜I Didn't Realize')
But above all, there's an instantly recognisable unique sound. It clutters, it chackles, it jingles and it jangles. It's all over the place, but it never loses focus. And it's so freakishly catchy!

RM can already count bands as Balthazar, The Van Jets and MLCD among their fans.
Since starting out in january 2013, the band already played AB Club in Brussels, MOD in Hasselt and l'Escalier in Liège. The track "˜Tenshinah' also got selected by Radio 1 in Flanders through

Robbing Millions is:
-Lucien Fraipont: guitar/voice/compositions
-Gaspard Ryelandt : voice/artwork
-Léo Dupleix: keys
-Laurens Smet: bass
-Jakob Warmenbol: drums