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Sonic Jesus are Tiziano Veronese's challenge and certainty, the result of his deep immersion through the years in the music black-hole, first as a drummer, then as a guitarist and singer. It's Velvet Underground, raped by Spacemen 3, rigging up a neo-psychedelia, folk imprinted, with shoegaze nuances.
This perfect fusion of music, appearently so intuitive, is the consequence of Tiziano Veronese and Marco Baldassari's meeting, so that it becomes a mutual collaboration to the same goal.
Marco Baldassari takes part in this project as the lyrics creator of the group since 2010, when Sonic Jesus was nothing but an idea. Then he starts his self-educated approach to the music, supporting the composition of the band as a poli-instrumentalist musician, playing organ, guitar, percussions and theremin.
It's time for innovation, in 2011: Simone Russo, Veronese's young pupil, becomes the drummer of the group. He immediately shows his brilliant attitude for this musical genre, with his thumping groove perfectly mixing with that powerful wall of sound created by Sonic Jesus live music, full of tremolos and fuzz atmosphere.
In the beginning of 2012, with Diego Mastrangelo's entrance, everything is finally in its right place. Shoegaze ideas begin to take shape during the rehearsal sessions, while live shows wind up close to the wild saturation of the noise genre.
Later in 2012 the band chooses his name: Sonics along with Sonic Boom bands gives the first part of the name, while "Jesus" is taken from the famous Velvet song, as a seal of the philosophy and the image of the group, the number of requests for live concerts grows more and more, Monkey on my back and Underground singles have a strong while unpredictable echo on the internet, until one of the most famous psychedelic label of Europe, Fuzz Club Records, gives signes of interest.
In this crucial part, Fabio Perciballi enters as a guitarist and effects producer. The pursuit of the perfect sound is one of the criterion in the composition: Sonic Jesus try to create a hypnotic melody through repetition, in order to produce a trance effect in those who listen.
During the summer of 2012, there's the turning point of the band: after the contract with Fuzz Club Records, the single Underground is included in The reverb cospiracy, a vinyl-only compilation that will be released on November 10. In this compilation, Sonic Jesus will be the only italian group in the european psychedelic panorama of indipendent music along with bands such as Singapore Sling and Dead Skeletons. Sonic Jesus, together with these groups, will take part in the release party for the compilation, presented by Fuzz Club Records, Bad Vibrations and the Reverberation Appreciation Society, at the Shakewell Arms, London.
On that occasion, Lorenzo Mancini, former bass player of the group, will join Sonic Jesus again. On the same date, first EP 10" of the band will be released, with four tracks, Lost, It's time to hear, Monkey on my back, Underground, with the prestigious collaboration of Nonni Dead, from Dead Skeletons, for the artwork. A real certificate of guarantee, endorsing Marco Baldassari inspired lyrics: "it's time to hear, guess sonic year!"