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In 2017 the 2 young, terribly talented jazz musicians Hendrik Lasure & Casper Van de Velde (SCHNTZL) came to record their eponymous (and critically acclaimed) debut album with producer Koen Gisen at La Patrie Studio’s in Ghent.
Singer Songwriter An Pierlé, Gisen’s long-time partner in crime asked them if they wanted to join them on a new musical adventure.
In the simplest of Jazz Traditions this collaboration was aptly named the "An Pierlé Quartet".
They organized a musical 'bootcamp' in the MSK museum - where Pierlé is Artist in Residence - and Koen Gisen brought in his vintage and analogue gear to record the sessions, held in front of a wandering public.
It is a work in progress. Pierlé’s compositions are deliberately left completely open to leave enough room for experiment and improvisation. She plays piano and sings, Hendrik Lasure does synths & loops, Casper Van de Velde is his imaginative and colorful drumming self, and Koen Gisen glues everything together with his Bass Clarinet, sax & guitar
Versatile experimental pop music with a jazzy, improvisational twist, from wide-open stillness to expressive Brechtian Cabaret-like fun and noise, a new Band is born.

In the meantime An Pierlé Quartet made the music for “Sylvia”, a music theatre performance at the Brussels Theatre National, resulting in a cinematic “opera” inspired by the life of Sylvia Plath in collaboration with De Munt/ La Monnaie and Cie Artara, directed by Fabrice Murgia. They are touring internationally through 2019 & 2020.