Don Kapot




“trio-without-fear” ★★★½ HUMO (BE)

“un projet qui ne demande qu'à s'envoler” Focus - Le Vif (BE)

“ wow, ça bouge là-dedans !” Le Soir - MAD (BE)

"Catchy melodies and infectious grooves" Bandcamp daily (USA)

“Clenched energy where every wall between genres is demolished”: that’s how the Belgian magazine Dansende Beren describes Don Kapot’s music. Giotis Damianidis (bass, guitar and effects), Viktor Perdieus (saxophone and miscellaneous instruments) and Jakob Warmenbol (drums, percussion and electronic samples) co-create songs that are  “sometimes angular, often hypnotic, always with the head on”, according to Knack (BE).  And as their name shows, slight self-irony plays a healthy role in their music.

Their first LP was released via Mr. Nakayasi Records in 2018. In 2021 they started a collaboration with the Flemish label W.E.R.F. Records, with whom they’ve released two LPs so far: Hooligan in 2021 and Un Peu Live in 2022, a live album featuring Fulco Ottervanger. About the latter one Bandcamp highlighted a "very fun mix of modern jazz and krautrock". Don Kapot are currently preparing a sonic surprise that will take them to an even more explosive place very soon.

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Don Kapot

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