Helena & Pablo Casella




Pablo and Helena, uncle and niece, have always been singing and playing together at family gatherings. But it was only in 2019 that they decided to present their music duo to the public. 

Helena is a young vocalist and songwriter, currently studying at the Amsterdam conservatory for jazz music. She’s part of the KillJoy Quiz show (NTGent), Sachee and Cultra Collective (Amsterdam) and has her own solo project together with the band RadioHop. 

Pablo Casella is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from São Paulo based in Ghent since 2008. In Belgium, he has been playing with several music projects (Esinam, Témé Tan, Little Dots, Ndugu, DJ Grazzhoppa… ) and composing, producing and performing music for theatre shows (KillJoy Quiz, Ferox Tempus - NTGent / LOS, BAM!, Saperlipopette - Ultima-Thule).

The duo brings a set of Brazilian songs and original compositions where their roots and family bond can be heard and felt. 

With guitar, percussion and vocals, they navigate through different styles and atmospheres : from slow ballads to upbeat rhythms, from intimate to ritual trance. 

Their concert is a trip based on the Brazilian warm vibes and their deep musical connection.

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Helena & Pablo Casella

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