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Rêve Party is a massive leap forward for Lucien Fraipont’s Robbing Millions project—a bold collection of songs that are as boundless as they are meticulously arranged. Drawing from his love of French pop, American psychedelic rock, and the endless sprawl of jazz, Fraipont has expanded his sound in every way possible while honing in on the points of inspiration that keep him moving as an artist. These twelve songs are filled with wonder and discovery, suggesting a thrilling and fantastic future for the project as a whole.

Fraipont’s latest arrives hot off the heels of Robbing Millions’ virtuosic second album Holidays Inside, a record that showcased his inventive style and overflowing fount of ideas when it came to songwriting. As it turns out, the tap never quite shut off as that record was being finished, as much of Rêve Party was written as work on Holidays Inside was winding down. “I didn’t really stop writing between the previous album and the last one,” he explains, and Réve Party accordingly has the feel of an artist picking up right where they left off and never missing a beat.

Musically, Fraipont cites the adventurous French pop of Air, the mysticism of Arthur Lee and his iconic band Love, Cornelius’ frantic sense of arrangement, and the distinct synth tones of legendary jazz outfit Weather Report as inspirations for Réve Party. But make no mistake: This is the work of someone building their own musical language at every instant. There are plenty of stylistic head-turning moments—the gorgeous neon sighs of “Jabberwocky,” the tricky rhythms of anthemic opener “Same Skin,” the squishy balladry of “Not Around”—that sound perfectly paired with each other on this absolute trip of an album.

Fraipont was appropriately inspired by the perceived limitations surrounding the city he calls home: “Sometimes I feel blocked by my own inhibitions,” he admits, and throughout Rêve Party he digs deep while leaving nothing on the table. The loose-limbed psych rock of “Doctor” was inspired by an at-home physician visit to treat an irregular heartbeat, while the album at large bears the mark of the end of Fraipont’s seven-year relationship with his former partner—who’s paid tribute to, in a way, over the hyperspeed lushness of “Believe Her”: “I feel like she was a bit smarter than me,” he laughs, “and it’s nice to be able to trust someone like that in specific situations.” 

Fraipont’s music may come from a personal place, but he’s a dreamer, too—which is how you get a wonderfully Stereolab-y cut like “Magicians,” which envisions a Lynch-ian nightclub where magicians exchange tricks, and the delightfully vibe-y electro of “Elastics.” Adding the finishing touches to Rêve Party’s self-produced sheen is Mike Fridmann, who was personally recommended by MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden. “He was so easy to work with,” Fraipont says while talking about Fridmann’s contributions. “The record sounds fuller and more bass-heavy than the previous mixes, which is great.” 

Rêve Party will leave you feeling like you’ve been transported to another world—but despite the sense of exploration Fraipont puts forth throughout, it is ultimately a work of precision, as he continues to distill his funhouse pop approach in ways wonderful and ever-appealing. “This record has less ingredients, but a stronger flavor,” he states while talking about Robbing Millions’ progression, and Rêve Party will undoubtedly leave an inviting taste that lingers long after the needle’s lifted off the groove.

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