STACE, emerging face of the neo soul scene, is releasing today her first EP entitled Green Onyx. Before getting there, the artist had to conjure fate and accept her destiny. But it was actually all written from the beginning. Stacy Claire - her real name - is passion's fruit. Her parents, both from Martinique, met in a rehearsal studio between swaying bass lines and creole songs, love for jazz and devotion to Caribbean music. This is why Martinican jazz fragrances always bring Stacy back to her childhood memories: lush secret gardens with rows of salsa, bèlè, biguine or mazurka.

As a fan of Ella Fitzgerald or Chet Baker, STACE cultivates family values and starts singing from an early age. On the sidelines of music, she first devotes herself to theater and then cinema. After graduating in Anthropology, she settles down in Brussels to meet her cinema wishes. The European capital gives her the opportunity to study cinema and participate in several shootings, but also to go back to the roots of her musical passion.

Her heart beating on the pace of her adopted city, STACE rediscovers the pleasure of playing the guitar. This instrument is a real outlet and allows her to patch up the pieces of a completely torn love story. Several songs find their way between the beginning of a romance with Brussels and the end of a romantic relationship. On her path to resilience and healing, her songs are at the crossroads of RnB, neo soul and acoustic aspirations. STACE's music offers a strong intimistic emotional charge, and is based on a few pillars (Erykah Badu,
D'Angelo) to build a strong place, a space for expression to sort with Solange, Kadhja Bonet
or Cleo Soul.

Green Onyx, foundation stone of a future discography, hosts four songs entirely engraved and produced by the artist. Mixed by Daniel Bleikolm (Robbing Millions, Baloji) and mastered by Frederik Dejongh (Stikstof, Eefje de Visser), this record dissipates the doubts and heals the emotional wounds of the past. In accordance with the virtues of a mineral of which it reflects the colors, the EP Green Onyx is a source of energy, a fetish object and, without a doubt, the sign of a beautiful future.

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