Field Recordings, percussion, electronic spice and acoustic instruments. These are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Belgian Bolivian. His didactic study for percussion and rhythm was the focus of his new album “La Hoja de Eucalipto”that brings alive a more active and aggressive part of Susobrino. The Bolivian Indiana Jones presented his first serene EP “Mapajo” in 2018. An EP fully made of his field recording trip to Bolivia.

Since then he achieved a double win for the Champion Sound Beat Battle , got Most Promising Artist at Red Bull Elektropedia Awards and already played Sfinks, TAZ, Bouge B, Gilles Peterson's Worldwide at Leysin and recently Listen! Festival & a LEFTO showcase NCHTWNKEL at AB...

In “Pocualeito” (an anagram for “eucalipto”) , “Suso”, as he is affectively known, fuses his extensive practice in Afro-Latin percussion with a penchant for cinematic strings that oscillate between eerily quiet and fractally intense. An electronic music artist that resorts to his mouse only when strictly necessary, Susobrino crafts his ‘soundtrack music’ -referring to the soundtrack of life itself- by executing a wide variety of instruments.

It is hard to summarise Susobrino’s music in words, for no words have been yet invented to describe the groundbreaking work we hear in “Pocualeito”, an unequivocal sign that Kebrada records is set to continue writing contemporary music history with each release.

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