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Girls In Hawaii are back!

After a few years of silence and a tragedy that hit the group, they decided to work together again. With their untamed nature, they first made a comeback at Deep in The Woods Festival, a place that feels like home for them. Happy about their reunion with the public, they recorded their new album in three sessions at an ancient Manoir near Paris and handed it over to legend producer Tchad Blake this spring.

The future of Girls in Hawaii is now a bit more clear after the few tracks they threw on a cute vinyl for the Record Store Day (20th April). The group will perform at the famous Great Escape Festival in Brighton (May); and they will make their come back on the Belgium scene at Pukkelpop on Aguest 16th, before releasing their third album at the end of the summer everywhere in Europe.


Jeff Dunham back in Belgium

In Avril 2011, Jeff Dunham became the first english speaking comedian to sell out two shows in Antwerps Sportpaleis. The world famous ventriloquist will be back in Belgium with his new 'Controlled Chaos' show for an exclusive Benelux performance on May 2nd in Ethias Arena (Hasselt).

Presales will start on December 22nd at 10 am via 070/345.345 and www.teleticketservice.com

Participate in our contest to get a chance to win one of the 10 Jeff Dunham's signed DVD's.

Woodkid at the Botanique on 5 October!

Yoann Lemoine, a.k.a. Woodkid, is a 28 year old french man, multi-instrumentalist, singer, photographer and director of videoclips for a.o. Moby, Yelle and recently Katy Perry's "Teenage Dreams"; a complete and versatile artist. He recently released his debut-EP "Iron": a mix of subtle electro and symphonical film music. The stunning video-clip for the first singel "Iron", directed by the man himself, allready has more than 3 million views on youtube!

For his IRON Tour Woodkid preferred to play in a-typical venues such as small theaters and churches.
His first belgian concert will be at the small but magical "Rotonde" at the Botanique -Brussels on Ocotber 5th.

Extra Jeff Dunham show in Sportpaleis !

The tickets for Jeff Dunham's show in Sportpaleis sold out very fast. Luckily, the world most famous ventriloquist will perform an extra show on April 8th 2011.

Ticket sales start Wednesday, Januari 5th at 10 am via http://www.teleticketservice.com.
People who subscribed on the waiting list will be personnally contacted.

JEFF DUNHAM Identity Crisis Tour 2011
Friday 8 april 2011 - 20.30
Saturday 9 april 2011 - 20.00 SOLDOUT
Sportpaleis - Anverwerpen

World famous comedian Jeff Dunham live in Sportpaleis !

On Saturday, April 9th the Antwerps Sportpaleis welcomes global comedy phenomenon Jeff Dunham for the very first time in Belgium. Pre-sales start on Monday, December 13th at 10am via www.teleticketservice.com.

Dunham has taken the art of ventriloquism to new heights and has transformed it into a cutting-edge comedy experience that has gained worldwide appeal. His partners in hilarity, Walter the grumpy retiree, Bubba the NASCAR loving redneck, the furry and manic Peanut, Jose' Jalapeno, the spicy pepper from south of the border and of course the skeletal Achmed the Dead Terrorist (and his famous 'SILENCE! I kill you'), have taken on a life of their own in his show.

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07.03 | La ferme du Biereau | Louvain-La-Neuve
07.03 | La ferme du Biereau | Louvain-La-Neuve
21.03 | Festival A travers Chants | Aulnoy Lez (Valenciennes)
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