The Lover BE feat. Dizzy Doux BE

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Blessed with a voice that reaches over three & a half octaves & dance moves that raise the bar on the dance floor, THE LOVER BE saw the sign for Hoboken while on his first international tour & thinking he was in the town in his native New Jersey, mistakenly set up shop in that suburb of Antwerp & missed his flight back home. Unfazed by this turn of fate & armed with his trusty MP3 player, he transformed his R'n'B into R'n'BE, spreading his love for love & his love for his accidentally adopted country around the world.


Enigmatic producer from the Flemish hinterland, DIZZY DOUX, came into the picture around cocktails in a bar in Doel. DIZZY is quoted as saying, “Hey man, you can really sing, but I think I have just the thing…” Since then, whenever time or budget allows, DIZZY DOUX presses “play”, turns on the auto-tune, sings a bit & plays some chords…